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Kate beckinsale on bottoms The belt wrapped around her gucci dress keeps popping open, despite her tiny waist.But she determined it won get the better of her.Just won breathe out, she laughs, as she adjusts it again and sits up straight. Despite this slight hitch, she looks every inch the moviestar.She reed thin but with just the right amount of tabloid-Friendly curves.Her brunette hair is sprinkled with subtle blonde streaks and looks red-Carpet ready, tied high in a ponytail. A pair Of tiered pendant earrings sparkle as she tilts her head, and her ferragamo heels are the kind that even women who don like heels might fight over.But the 38-Year-Old is modest when complimented on her looks.Don roll out Of bed like this, she says earnestly.Takes a village.I tend to wake up looking like steve tyler, then somebody comes to help.Was a brief period, when she was about five, when she thought it was quite cool.But now, forget it.Beckinsale maintains her superstar looks by sticking to her daily yoga routine, something she loves because it easy.A carrot at the end-I get to lie down for 10 minutes.If that part didn exist, i wouldn do it, she says matter-Of-Factly. Always hated the idea of it-Yoga and golf are similar in that people can become obsessive and boring about it.I never thought that would be me, but i do feel a lot better [for doing it].And a happy side effect is that it lifts my bottom.The beckinsale bottom.Her derriere was the focus of paparazzi lenses on a recent trip to mexico, as she and wiseman lounged around the pool.Even though she been in the business for 20 years, the actor is still shocked that anyone would be interested in photos of her snoozing on a sun lounger. Although no one is more shocked than her mum, british actor judy loe.Was a bit surprised to get a call from my mother saying, your bottom appears to be everywhere.Don you think you should be in a towel?Beckinsale laughs.Goodness we didn get all european and take anything off.Met wiseman on the set of underworld in 2003.He was her director, they fell in love and she subsequently left sheen, her partner of eight years and her co-Star in the film, to marry him. Now they set to release the fourth film in the franchise, underworld:Awakening, in which she returns as vampire warrior selene, who famous for her skin-Tight outfits and no-Nonsense attitude. Wasn planning to play her again-I think it weird for an actor to play a part more than once, she says.Selene finds out she has a daughter, which was interesting to me, because she not the most maternal person.Isn the sort of role the star ever imagined playing.Proud and also puzzled by her.When i started acting, i was all militant and feministy. I didn want to be the girl in movies who was always crying in the shower, she says.Hard to get a female franchise-You need different things from female action heroes;They need to have an emotional side, and that can be difficult.Physical aspect of filming action sequences can take its toll, too, and selene swooping leather coat is a particular bugbear.Stunt double and i are always saying, not the coat!Because it flaps between your legs and trips you up, beckinsale laughs. She shows me an inch-Long scar on her leg from a stunt that involved her sliding across the floor at great speed.I was doing the training, they didn give me long enough socks.But there you are, it proves i did it myself.Franchise has essentially become a family business for the star and her husband.Know a lot of the crew, so it feels familiar.It unusual in this business, she says. Spoiled because i get to be part of the process from the moment len has the idea.That can be a real chess game with a director or producer you don know.Len produced this one and he was very much in the capacity of god-He wasn physically there, but no one made a move without texting or calling him.It also means there no escaping their work, says wiseman:Don have time to decompress and go home to your wife and talk about your day.The day directly affects what she doing.She tough [in front of the camera], then it stops and she girlie.Understands what a stroke of luck it was to find a husband, a new city to call home and a franchise in one fell swoop, and still marvels at the fact she and wiseman make such a good partnership.Do feel a lot of it is luck, in that you find someone who a good fit for you, she says. Met len when we were both 29.You grow up through your 30s and hopefully you grow in the right direction [together].I think it quite difficult otherwise.And your 20s are just impossible-I don know how anyone makes it through their 20s with the same person.Is still on good terms with her ex, and she and sheen share getoutofthemud custody of lily, despite the frost/nixon star being based in the uk.Used to him being gone for a long time, she explains. Has worked a lot since she was born;In the first year of her life, he was away for six or seven months.When he comes back [to the us], we don have a formal arrangement.He just calls and says i pick her up on tuesday?Beckinsale clearly loves being a mum, she cautious about plans to add to her brood.Not 100 per cent sure [i have more (click here) kids], she says softly. Had tragedy after tragedy with friends who have miscarried, so i feel for them when i asked this.Lily is very against it;Len is quite for it.I love it if len could have the Tiffany Rings Buy pregnancy, because i don feel great when i pregnant.So we need to figure that out!May be used to starring in hollywood blockbusters now, but beckinsale recalls her early acting days with fondness.Of the great things about starting out in the british film industry is that i didn even know what a trailer was, she laughs. I did much ado about nothing [the 1993 hit directed by kenneth branagh], nobody had a trailer or even a chair.We were on location in a tuscan village-Me, phyllida law, imelda staunton, keanu reeves and robert sean leonard sharing a house.We took turns making pasta-Keanu was always a bit eclectic!Everyone left their egos at home.I was only 17 and thought that what all movies were like.She can put a tick next to made dinner by keanu reeves a trip to australia is still high on her bucket list-And she already has a romantic bond with the country. First boy who broke my heart was australian, she reveals.Moved to england and stood out-The boys at my school were all pale and looked like little mushrooms, then this gorgeous australian arrived.It was very exciting.All the girls fought over him.Taking a Tiffany Bracelets Sale few years off to concentrate on being a mum and settling into life in la, beckinsale career is amping up again.Next month, she be seen in contraband with mark wahlberg, then she star in another wiseman film, a reboot of total recall. She admits she still not used to living the life of a hollywood star.Never planned to live here, so it was a bit of a shock at first.You have to start all over again.Plus, i had a little girl, so setting her up was my priority.Even though beckinsale wishes she was down the road her mum visits often.Come with my stepdad [british tv director roy battersby] and they stay for three or four months.It feels weird when they go-Even the dogs become depressed.Solution to staying grounded in la la land is to keep her friends close.Lucky, because i have really good friends here.I feel as though i be all right in any situation-If you have friends around, you be fine./>

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