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Natura world lays off 26 times record news Natura world lays off 26 times record news It looked at: "For community related reasons, natura world usa is reducing its overall employed pool to a single shift.Please be advised this is a permanent reduction with no requirement to be called back to work.Your posture of second shift production worker with natura world usa has been eliminated as of 10 11 2011, A great deals on pandora charms spokesperson for the company said president ralph rossdeutscher was outside on thursday, studying a meeting in new york.An attempt to reach rossdeutscher by email on thursday also was hit a brick wall. The town's 4a board loaned $5.5 million to Natura World in 2010 to help the companhy get started.Gov.Rick perry's tax enterprise fund invested more $1.5 million in company.Perry came to wichita falls to announce the grand opening for vehicle in february 2010. The 4a board also granted $1 million to renovate house to be factory ready. Some of the most important $6.5 million from the 4A Board went toward purchasing dwelling, Solutions, License paperwork and inventory. After $8 million in funding in the 4a board and the tef combined, the factory had difficulties paying bills including some to local companies that worked with the company, in tim chase, leader and ceo of the wichita falls chamber of commerce and industry. Local installers, painters and employment services were the type of natura world was late in paying. The plant is system of the cash for jobs program.When the 4a board discovered the factory was delinquent on bills, i would say some sort of $396, 000 that would have gone to the company from cash for jobs was used to pay the local companies that they owed, come back to said. "We took guide action, run after said. Natura world has only created 66 of 400 promised jobs in binding agreement with the 4a board, and has now lost a staggering 40 percent of those jobs. "We only pay for the jobs that are written, former mayor lanham lyne and Pandora 2014 present state rep said. Naturaworld's contract is up in feb 2013, and if it won't meet its projected number of 400 jobs by that date, the money loaned to them should be repaid including the cash for jobs money for the 26 employees who were laid off. Chase and the 4a board expect the company to convert and fill the 400 positions by 2013.Then again, he said this will depend heavily on the economy turning around, which they expected might happened by now. Jim manley, vice chairman of the chamber's board of company owners, said the 4a board is a well secured lender with assets. "It is our belief that we are very well secured.Ron(Rossdeutscher)Has pledged all things but his house, so he's picked up this also, manley said. Chase said one of two things will happen the business will turn around or will be obligated to pay your money back owed. If natura world does close shop, the loans will default and the 4a board will proceed with foreclosing on the particular business. Lyne said dwelling, along with its equipment, would become the town's along with some collateral in canada. "We're not saying which would happen, manley said. With an overall of $7.5 million, And therefore the $396, 000 from Cash for job opportunities, The company has some way to go to meet its goal of 400 jobs by February 2013, But the 4A Board is hopeful the company probably turn around. The mattress company opened the flower in 2010.A previous article in the times record news showed that latex point, a section of natura world, usual $1.2 million in TEF dollars, That. "Natura is still working with, pursuit said. "This is very discouraging to us and the company, "Each of these types of jobs represents a family, a loan payment, a car fees.It's all very my incredibly, manley said. Natura world is found in the former delphi building on interstate 44 between wichita falls and burkburnett. Bill scantlin with the texas workforce pandora Bracelets: commission's resource board said he had little concerning the layoffs. "We do not a lot.We did not have a heads up at all until employees started walking in a day ago.We started experiencing a few trickle in when we opened, scantlin agreed. "We have seen about 10 come in to file for redundancy.There are unsurprisingly 20, the actual second shift.We have had no hitting the ground with the company, Scantlin continuous: "Once all come, we will try to do a mass briefing on what's available at the center here to assist them to.We will talk to them one on one and try to set up a time to go to everyone in one setting.We will sit down and tell them what services could be here for them, Over the past a long period tim chase and other chamber staff received raises while regular city employees did not, however the chamber staff salaries were funded directly by the city of wichita falls.

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