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Foxy brown's manager denied Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags Outlet assault They say 'yes', she says 'no'.No need to confuse any longer for foxy brown's manager is stepping up, speaking on the Louis Vuitton Scarves assault incident happened to his client. Brown's manager, chaz williams of black hand entertainment, denied any assault ever happened, saying the rapper was in the louis h.Pink houses early saturday morning june 23rd, attempted to end her relationship with her boyfriend after she found out his www.on-now.com criminal record. The unidentified boyfriend then ordered a group of prostitutes to assault brown.The women went on stealing brown's louis vuitton bag, $500 in cash and credit cards, which were all returned reportedly two hours after the incident happened. "Black hand has never used or needed the police to solve anything,"Williams said. "As soon as i heard she was at the police station, i immediately went there and stopped the interview and she immediately stopped cooperating with their questioning. http://www.on-now.com/ " "Foxy aint going to no courthouse, we don't know anything about any robbery, pimps, or boyfriends.Her bag was missing and we got it back.I got homies, friends, and family in the pink houses.Getting her st back was elementary,"Williams went on saying.

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